Finding THE business you will have passion for!

One of the things that we hear most often is “I want a business I can be passionate about!” We want that for our clients too! This is something that you are going to be investing not only your time but your money into, so it should be something that gets you to your goals, but it also should be something that you enjoy! So you wouldn’t think it would be too hard to find something you can be passionate about if you just start looking at businesses you enjoy going to, or that involve your hobbies, or that just look like fun, would you?

The problem is your experience as the customer is very different from the role of the business owner. So, for example, going out to dinner can be a lot of fun. But owning a restaurant with the number of employees you have, having a perishable product, the long hours and narrow margins make running the business a whole different experience!

Our job is to help you find the business where you will enjoy your role as the owner! Do you want a challenge, or perhaps being able to make a difference in the lives of others? Do you want lots of employees or a few or none? How about customers – would you rather have business customers or individuals? Whatever you want your role to be, we want to help you find the business that offers you that opportunity.

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