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We introduce the revolutionary Annual Property Maintenance Service package(s) from industry leader, ™  In furtherance of our Mission to avoid deferred maintenance and keep occupants safe, we have optimized and streamlined our service for property owners: aggregated annual property maintenance services.  We service both residential and commercial properties with Interior/Exterior/and Combo Service Appointments.  We also offer “A La Carte” services for all property owners.

We understand that annual property maintenance takes time and planning.  Many property owners lead very busy lives and don’t have the time or tools to complete these tasks.  We want our clients to enjoy their properties without having to worry about deferred maintenance issues or occupant safety.

Although we all know that property maintenance should be considered an integral part of ownership, the fact remains that very few property owners have the time to take on the projects or the tools required for the overall protection and upkeep of their properties.  This problem has been compounded by the fact that historically there has not been a single source provider for annual home maintenance services. Many maintenance items are often too small to be worth a contractor’s time, and property owners – especially ones with high powered jobs and children – can’t seem to find even a small opening in their schedules to tackle them.  In the past, property owners would have to schedule nearly a dozen vendors and appointments annually in order to service all the major components and systems of their home.  HomeSmiles has solved this problem.  You can now receive the following annual home maintenance services, performed by the industry leader and expert, HomeSmiles, with a “One Click/One Call” solution:

Scheduled Annual Home and Property Maintenance: Upgrading the standard of care in residential and commercial real estate.

  1. Gutter cleaning up to three stories with high powered SmileVac.
  2. Downspout negative pressure vacate via SmileVac.
  3. Minor tree branch removal from roofline up to two inches in diameter.
  4. Water heater service flush, and, we will replace the anode rod if the unit is less than five years of age.
  5. Change all filters on the HVAC system.
  6. Clean accessible air conditioning coils.
  7. Window washing with SmileWash, including screens.
  8. Driveway pressure washing with 4200 psi circular workhorse.
  9. Dryer vent cleaning by hand.
  10. Smoke alarm test and battery replacement.
  11. Carbon monoxide test and battery replacement.
  12. Refrigerator coil cleaning service.
  13. Range hood filter cleaning service.
  14. Lubricate garage door motor drive and wheels.
  15. Safety test garage door return and laser functionality.
  16. Replace light and batteries in garage door unit and mounted exterior remote.
  17. Clean and deodorize garbage disposal unit.
  18. Clean and deodorize accessible bathroom sinks and tub/shower P-traps.

Prices starting at $499 for single story under 2500 s/f.


  • Will ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are present per code; will install as needed same day for $65 per.
  • Will ensure water heater strapped per current code; will install additional strap(s) as needed same day for $100.

The “Why?”

A proactive annual property maintenance plan is the key to preventing small problems from becoming big issues.  All the major components of every property including roofs, gutters, water heaters, furnaces, and appliances are expensive and costly to repair or replace.  The cost of doing nothing is simply too high.  Deferred property maintenance is cumulative and its effects can be wide ranging. For example, failure to clean gutters annually can lead to water overrun, failed roofs, rotten eaves, and dry rot replacement bills far exceeding $25,000.  Although a well maintained water heater can last decades, failure to maintain your water heater can lead to costly replacement in the range of $1,500 to $3,000. Overworked furnaces and appliances without clean filters can significantly drive up electrical costs and eventually fail, leading to significant capital expenditures and higher energy bills.

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The fact is, proactive maintenance is essential to preserving the value of your property—without it, your property could incur significant repair bills or lose resale value. Regular, routine maintenance enhances curb appeal, ensures safety, reduces energy consumption and prevents neglected upkeep from turning into costly major repairs.  Over time, annual maintenance costs average more than $3,300, according to data from the U.S. Census. Various lending institutions, such as Directors Credit Union and, agree that the homeowner should estimate annual home maintenance costs at 1% to 3% of initial purchase price.  We are pleased to deliver this service to our valued clients at considerable savings due to our bundled service package and aggregated service model.

Proper and effective annual maintenance requires training and experience. In choosing to contract the service professionals at HomeSmiles, you can expect higher efficiency, industry expertise, and more extensive experience to get the job done right.

Visit today or call 1 (888) SMILE11 to make an appointment.  We will leave you Smiling….guaranteed!

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