My wife and I loved working with Adrienne! Her approach to helping us to find the right franchise was very methodical and personalized. We had complete confidence in Adrienne’s abilities. She possesses a wealth of knowledge, has a process that made us feel very comfortable, and she made terrific recommendations. In addition, she was able to recommend a franchise attorney to assist us. We highly recommend Adrienne to anyone searching fora franchise.

Eric Ash

If you’re looking to become a franchise owner and want an exceptional franchise coach to help you find the best fit options that leverage all your experience, skills and abilities, you’ve just found her LinkedIn profile.In just one session Adrienne helped me find 4 outstanding franchise options to begin my search! She provided me with an excellent and easy to follow process and prepared me for every step as my searchprogressed.So, if you want to save time and be educated on finding the right franchise for you, call Adrienne Leigh at Success Franchising. It costs you nothing and just like the name of her business, she is laser focused on ensuring YOUR success! I unreservedly recommend this very talented franchise coach

Chris Haddock

I have known Adrienne for less than a year, but she has been instrumental in helping me through the daunting process of changing careers after 25 years as a healthcare executive. Her astute questions and observations during our early encounters led to the suggestion of a perfect franchise opportunity for me and my wife. She has assisted us with navigating through the process and has recommended other subject matter experts if there were not answers readily at hand. As a result, I have retired from one career and embarked on another with a great deal of confidence that I otherwise would not have had.
If you are considering purchasing a franchise or are just wondering what it is all about, I would highly recommend that you speak with Adrienne. She is an incredible resource.

David P. Setchel

I chose Adrienne as my franchise broker and coach as I contemplated the pros andcons of being a small business Owner/Entrepreneur. Adrienne is a Pro! She has a time-tested, repeatable process, great resources, a breadth of industry knowledge and unshakable integrity. I strongly recommend Adrienne to anyone considering an exploration of their options in franchising.

Thomas D. Wooden

“A friend introduced me to Adrienne telling me how instrumental she had been in his franchise search and research process, so I wasn’t surprised by the help we got from her in developing our business model and finding a great franchise. What did surprise us was all the resources she had along the way from CPAs to attorneys, lenders, alternative options for financing, and even since signing the franchise agreement, she has been with us providing referrals for insurance, builders, signage and networking opportunities.”

Joe D

I really appreciated the guidance Adrienne gave us in our research. She provided us with key questions to ask both the franchisors and individual franchisees of the business we were looking at. She also gave us a lot of guidance in getting franchisees to take time to talk to us and share detailed financial information as well as to really open up not just about the good things, but also about the challenges in the franchise we ultimately chose. By the time we were ready to sign the franchise agreement we felt we really knew what we were getting ourselves into and we knew we would be able to succeed.

Scott R

A friend recommended Adrienne and told me how good she was at finding the right franchise for people. I really appreciated the time Adrienne took to get to know me and what was important to me and my wife. She was really easy to talk to and also made us think about things we wouldn’t have thought of without her guidance. We are really happy with the direction our lives have taken since meeting with her!”

Steve M

“I knew I wanted a franchise rather than starting my own business because I wanted the support of a franchise system. And Adrienne brought a system to finding a franchise that I felt really helped me avoid a lot of the uncertainty and anxiety of that search process. She really took the time to get to know me and my interests, goals, values and finances and helped me find a franchise that I knew I could be successful in. I wouldn’t go back to the corporate world for anything!”

Nancy A

Adrienne was instrumental in providing the guidance needed when I was looking into a career change and decided to pursue a business on my own. During the consultation, she listened to the things I said regarding my interests and hobbies, and the type of business that I would have a passion for. After looking into four franchise opportunities, we found a good match. Adrienne not only helped me find a great franchise opportunity but has put me in touch with great legal support. I would highly recommend Adrienne, as I already have to my friends.

Doug S

As someone new to the franchise world, I feel very fortunate to have been able to have had Adrienne’s assistance identifying the opportunities that would work best for my lifestyle and my expectations of business ownership. Adrienne’s years of experience and knowledge about the many franchise opportunities available was invaluable. Without her assistance, I believe I would still be wading through the multitudes of possibilities. Adrienne has been a pleasure to work with.

Kate R

“I really didn’t know if I was cut out to have my own business because all my life was in the corporate world. Adrienne’s seminar gave me my first glimpse into the difference between franchising and starting a business just out on my own, and I got a real idea of how franchising provides more safety than from-the-ground-up entrepreneurship. I now feel so much more in control of my own destiny OUT of the corporate world and on my own and am definitely reaping the rewards of my own work.”

Jim B

“Adrienne was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand what I was looking for and helped me focus on critical tasks in my search for a business. Adrienne was with me every step of the way during my evaluation process. We established a weekly update call with an agenda and Adrienne provided coaching and honest feed back to ensure I was truly evaluating the business from a rational point of view.”

Greg M

“Adrienne helped me and my wife, Thao, when we began the search for a new business. While Adrienne’s insights into franchising and knowledge of franchise opportunities in Houston were important for us, it was Adrienne’s patient listening to us and later attention to details that made a real difference. Thanks, Adrienne!”

Jeff W

I first met Adrienne when I attended one of her seminars a Small Business Development Center. I was impressed with the quality of the material and the presentation of her seminar which was very informative. As I was thinking about making a career change and was interested in pursuing franchise opportunities at that time, I sought her guidance in choosing the right franchise opportunity. Throughout the time I spent in various one-on-one meetings and telephone calls I had with Adrienne, she was very professional, extremely patient, and attentive to my opinions, needs and expectations. She always made time to meet with me, gave me very useful information about several franchise opportunities and contact information on people from various professions such as Banking, Franchise Law and Accounting among others. She stayed with me every step of the way during my evaluation process and provided timely advice via weekly phone calls and occasional personal meetings. She continued her coaching and guidance even after I signed my Franchise agreement. I strongly feel that my association with Adrienne was a very positive and highly beneficial experience during a critical phase of my professional career.

Sunil A

“I ultimately decided that owning a business wasn’t the right thing for me at this time in my life. Adrienne really worked closely with me through the research process and provided a lot of good food for thought. It was also very refreshing not to be ‘sold’ along the way. She was just as happy for me to come to the decision that franchising was not a good thing for me right now as if I had bought a franchise. I would highly recommend her.”

Eric S

I had held a lot of senior positions in a number of corporations and didn’t think a franchise would get me to my financial goals. I have earned far more in the world of franchising than I ever did as a COO and have had a lot more fun calling the shots and creating a great company culture. The franchise Adrienne helped me to find really fit my personality and I would highly recommend her to others.”

Bob D

“Adrienne was instrumental in providing the guidance needed when I was looking at a new business opportunity. During the consultation, she listened to the things I said regarding my interests and hobbies, and the type of business that I would have a passion for. After looking into various franchise opportunities, we have found a good match and I am now pursuing that opportunity. Adrienne was key in keeping me focused and she provided a lot of great insight to assist in the decision making process. She is a great resource and she added a lot of value to the review and selection process.”

Kevin H

Adrienne helped me reach my dream of owning a business. I had spent ten years looking at businesses to buy but never had the insight to follow through with my plans. After talking to her about franchises and understanding the steps that are required to achieve my goal, all of my fears were gone. Adrienne’s knowledge into the franchise world helped me find the right business and advisors to make it work. I still have a long way to go but I am now on the right track and enjoy working my franchise every day!

Joe C

“Adrienne was instrumental in helping me cut through all the confusion of hunting for franchises on the web and bring a sense of order to my search. I know I would never have found the franchise I did without her assistance — in fact I had skipped over it on one of the lists I looked at just because it wasn’t familiar and I didn’t think it sounded ‘like me’. I have been in business for over 2 years now and I love what I do!”

Steve M