About Adrienne Leigh

Adrienne Leigh has over 30 years of management, consulting, coaching and business experience. And with more 15 years of business ownership experience, she still does not consider herself an entrepreneur. “I have owned 3 businesses and I have been a licensee and I have been a franchisee,” says Adrienne, “but I would never consider myself a true entrepreneur that would go out and start a business from scratch. That’s way too risky for me!”

It is that attitude that makes Adrienne such a good coach for her franchise clients because she has been through the same transition from the corporate world to the world of franchise ownership that she guides them through. She is known for her dedication to her clients, both in finding that perfect “fit” for buyers and minimizing risk for them as they achieve their dream of business ownership.

Adrienne conducts over 50 seminars a year on franchising and on how to buy and sell a business and has successfully coached hundreds of clients, assisting them to reach their personal as well as professional goals.


Adrienne has an M.B.A. from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. For 11 years, she was the Managing Director of the Adizes Institute and created their doctoral program in Organizational Transformation and was also responsible for their Licensing Program. She was the founding president of the Houston Chapter of the Association of Career Professionals, International, and a member of the International Franchise Association as well as a member of numerous other organizations. She has been a radio commentator for CNN’s Business Show and featured in many publications nationwide.

Our success is defined by making you successful. And that means using our wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the best possible options that will get you to your goals and fit your strengths, values, talents and interests. Every day we help clients avoid costly mistakes. Most are surprised by all the variety and options that are available to them. The end result is a happier lifestyle and a secure and stable future.

I love what I do… let me help you find a future that you can love as well!

How I Got Into Franchising