Our goal is to help you find the best franchise for your goals, skills, talents, values and investment abilities. With our experience, we can help to save you time as well as costly mistakes both in identifying a great franchise for you and in doing your due diligence.

You can expect:

  • A complete business profile that you can use as a “control” as you go through the research process so you can see how well the franchises you are researching are meeting your needs
  • A market study that will identify the uniqueness of your town or city and what that means for which franchises may work better than others
  • A “short list” of franchises that fit your skills, your goals and your market
  • Access to insider knowledge
  • Preparation for discussions with the franchisor and other franchisees
  • A proven research process –in the same way that franchising provides a proven track record for success, there is a proven method of finding a franchise
  • Resources and referrals from funding to CPAs and franchise attorneys and more
  • The possibility of negotiating more favorable terms

And…Our services are offered at no charge to you at any time.