5 Benefits of Home-Based Franchises


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The recent pandemic has certainly taught us a lot about how adaptable both companies and individuals can be when forced to operate remotely. Working from home definitely was a huge transition for many people, but it’s pretty obvious that many employees and companies can be equally or even more productive working in a virtual setting.

Perhaps you’re one of the many individuals who actually prefers working from your home. Well, what if we told you that there are a numerous selection of franchises that you can manage right from your home office?


Today, we’ll be discussing the benefits of investing in home-based franchises!


1) These franchises provide required services that are frequently outsourced

Many of this week’s franchises are in the home-services industry and provide services that are outsourced by the majority of homeowners. Most homeowners are too busy to install new windows or paint the exterior of their property, so they opt to hire companies who provide these services.

As a franchise owner/investor, this is great news because there will always be a need for these services!


2) Your work-life balance will increase dramatically

According to a recent survey by FlexJobs, 73% of employees said that working remotely has improved their work-life balance. Additionally, 36% of respondents said that they spent two hours or more commuting each day.

No commute equals more time for you to spend with your loved ones! You won’t have to worry about a company’s post-pandemic WFH policy because YOU will be in charge of where and when you operate your franchise.


3) These home-based franchises have unlimited scalability potential within single or multiple territories

Since the home-based brands featured this week are largely involved in the home-services field, your franchise will likely begin operating in a specific territory. As your customer list grows with your business, you can eventually move into additional territories.

Your franchise’s potential is never capped because you can keep adding additional customers within your initial territory while simultaneously moving into new regions!



4) These home-based companies have proprietary products/technology

Proprietary products/technology can be seen as a company’s “secret sauce”. These confidential assets are a huge part of what makes a successful company stand out from the competition. Most of these assets are covered by patents/copyrights to prevent competitors from duplicating them.

When investing in one of these home-based franchises, you immediately have access to these proprietary assets. This means that you instantly have a leg up on your competition!



5) These home-based franchises require minimal initial employees and allow you to hire as you grow

When beginning your franchise ownership journey with a home-based company, you may wonder how you will be able to hire and maintain a full staff. Lucky for you, this won’t be a huge concern in the beginning!

You can begin operations with these franchises with minimal employees and hire as you need! That also means less initial capital dedicated to payroll expenses so you can focus your investment on your company’s growth.



After learning about all of these benefits, do you think that investing in a home-based franchise might be the perfect way for you to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams? If so, you’ll definitely want to join our webinar this weekend which will be showcasing 5 home-based franchises that you can invest in!

Each company will feature a 5-minute overview presented directly by the franchise themselves. We’ll see you there!

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